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Why and how to choose a removal company for your house move

Moving home can be quite a stressful, and a costly thing to do. Understandably, trying to save money at any point in the process is going to happen but cutting corners in certain ways can also have a negative impact in the long run.

By choosing a removal company to complete your house move, rest assured your goods will be packed correctly in durable boxes with high quality materials and all furniture will be wrapped in furni guard. Furni guard is a three layer material that has an external breathable layer, a bubble middle layer and a breathable inner layer.

Another thing to keep in mind, a removal company will have the required training completed to ensure that they handle goods safely to ensure the safety of the items and the safety of the person lifting the goods. The goods will also be packed and stacked correctly to ensure no damage occurs to the goods while in transport to the destination address.

Please ensure when choosing the removal company for your removal that they obtain an international haulage license, as without this it is illegal to carry goods from Ireland to another country. If a vehicle is pulled for inspection on a road side checkpoint, or at a port from Customs if it is found that the vehicle your goods are in is not listed on a haulage license the vehicle will be impounded/ceased and the same applies for your goods. We recommend if your using an Irish company to use this website Road Transport Operator Licensing ( to check if their company/any vehicles is listed on a haulage license or if it is a company outside of Ireland request proof of an international haulage license.

We hope some of the above points above will assist in helping you choose a removal company for your removal and if you require any further assistance or would like a free of charge quote for your removal please email us at and we will be happy to help.

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