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Removal is usually a very important and stressful experience, which each of us would prefer to have behind us as soon as possible. However, we often complicate the whole process ourselves. So it’s worth tracing some of the most important issues that anyone who plans to move should remember. It doesn’t matter if we move to a new apartment, change the company’s headquarters or just want to transport a few furniture to the house. Every successful removal should be carried out according to specific rules. After all, we do not want to entrust our property to a blind fate and hope that everything will “work out somehow”. Long distance removal requires a good strategy and reliable planning. Every flowerpot and book, every piece of furniture or trinkets has to travel safely, often hundreds of kilometres, and this journey should take place without any difficulties. This is our task. We have already organised many inter-city removals, from small to large towns and vice versa. Even long distances are no problem when everything is carefully thought out.

If you are planning to move from Ireland to another country, there are a few rules that will improve the process of long distance removal. Of course the Removal Hub can step in and provide the following services but for peace of mind here we go:


First one: many people mistakenly believe that only the largest removals require the participation of a professional removal company. We often assume that if we have to transport a few furniture or a few boxes with belongings, a passenger car will do the job. In fact, a removal company is not only adapted to transport objects, but also it also guarantees a professional knowledge of employees. Thanks to their advice, we will be able to more effectively secure the equipment and plan the whole process in such a way that the whole move goes quickly and without any complications.


Second one: in order for the cooperation with the removal company to run smoothly, it is better to make a mini-inventory of all the items that we intend to transport. Thanks to that not only will it be easier for us to estimate our transport needs (size of a van or containers). This will allow you to unpack everything faster at its destination, and in the event of any damage during the journey – to pursue your claims.


Third one: invest in the necessary materials. We are talking about all kinds of containers, cartons and foils securing our transport. Objects are worth wrapping in bubble wrap. Remember to match the packaging to the type of transported object.


Fourth one: describe your packages. The most popular packaging are the simplest cardboard or mini-containers made of plastic or wood. However, if you use more of them, you may have trouble differentiating between what is in each of them. This becomes especially important when we have to deal with large removals and the order in which the packages are unpacked. Therefore, before you load them into a removal car, use a special marker and describe exactly what is in which container.


Fifth one: protect objects susceptible to damage. Each of us has such objects we’re afraid to damage. They can be valuable due to their monetary value or sentimental value. All objects should be protected with additional foils or sponges that absorb any shocks.


Sixth one: secure bulky items. Many of us often forget how important it is to prepare large equipment such as furniture, washing machines and dishwashers for transport. Inadequate protection can cause a lot of damage while driving.


Our long distance removals are often accompanied by stress and chaos. Whether we want it or not, it is difficult to predict and plan everything in 100%. However, we can minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises provided that we follow the advice of the removal company’s specialists. Then we will be sure that we have done everything to make the change of place of work or place of residence smooth and harmonious.

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